Just Because I Love You…

Browned Butter Chocolate Chip & Toffee Cookies

And you and you and you…and yeah, you too, even if you DO drink pepsi. 😀

Just because I love you all… well, maybe not you; you annoy me. But the rest of you are pretty darn cool. Soooo… as I was saying… just because I love you, I made cookies. Quite a few of them. And if you get a plane ticket, book a hotel room because if you stayed here you’d be clinically insane within three hours so that you can be all comfy, bring your own booze cause what I have would probably bore you and please make sure you have a Scrabble dictionary with you because I am going to force you to play Scrabble with me but no one can touch my Scrabble dictionary because it was my dads…. if you do all of this, I’ll feed you these utterly delicious cookies. I might even be persuaded to make some dinner for you and whip you up a cup of my famous hot chocolate. Continue reading