I Need C.P.R.

That of course stands for Chocolate Public Relations cause this really needs some media attention! 😛

Ok, that was really corny but I couldn’t help myself.

If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog for a while, you may recall that up until last year, I had never eaten, much less cooked, a lava cake. It was one of those much hyped foods I avoided.

Then… I tried one. This one to be exact . And yeah, I admit it, I liked it. Just a little bit. Honest. I was still blase and ultra sophisticated, saying that I was so above all that… so not into the idea of a crispy edged cake with a center of soft gooey chocolate. Pshaw. You know how hip I am (I just lost “hip” status by using the word hip, didn’t I?) and too good for trendiness.

OK, OK, I LOVED IT!!!! *falls to the floor sobbing in abject “oh so not hip” shame*.

It was chocolate heaven on a plate. Crisp, yet gooey… chocolate yet in the case of that one, offset by fruit. So I decided a few days ago that I wanted more. I WAS going to make a white chocolate one but realized I had no white chocolate so that one will wait for now. I did however want something a LITTLE different than a plain one.

Well, I had a can (or six) of home made dulce de leche in the fridge ( I have to come clean and admit that I am one of those risk taking people who makes my dulce de leche by just boiling the unopened can for hours. What can I say? I like living life on the edge 😛 ) Moving on… I decided I was going to make a lava cake with a center of dulce de leche. Yeah I know; as if the cake in it’s normal form isn’t enough with it 35,000 calories and 4 bazillion fat grams, I added dulce de leche. If it makes you feel better, I have a black bean and polenta recipe coming up soon? Nice and healthy. Well, except for the cheese and cream in the polenta. Sigh. I give up.

It turned out quite nicely. Mind you, after eating all of the one I photographed, I may never eat again, but that’s ok. I can live off my own fat and the fat in the cake for at least a decade, maybe more.

So give this a try. It’s actually really easy. And darn, does it taste good! The chocolate lava cake part of this is from The Neeleys on Food Network. The only addition here that is me is the dulce de leche. On a side note, this recipe makes Paula Deen recipes look like they are for health nuts. On a side side note, are health nuts anything like Corn Nuts? Are they edible? On a side side side note, when did corn get nuts?

Ok, I’m stopping now. Continue reading