Happy Birthday To My Son Cameron

Cameron and his wife Tiffany

Twenty four years ago today I had my second child Cameron. I look back over the years and it’s hard to believe it’s been that long. Hard to believe that the little boy who looked like a cross between a starving Ethiopian and an Elf (He was frightfully skinny when \he was young with a really pointy face lol) has been married to his high school sweetheart for a few years, had the nerve to move away to Florida and is getting ready to enter graduate school.  Ummm… hello… I don’t remember giving permission for the time to pass and for him to grow up.

Cam's the pointy faced one if the red striped shirt πŸ˜›


Cam is… unique. Ok, he’s weird as all heck. He has a pretty warped sense of humor mixed with just as large of a sense of responsibility and moral code. He’s always been the type of person to just let things roll off of his back and always been that guy that every girl has wanted and every other guy wants to be friends with. Where he came by this personality is anyone’s guess lol cause it sure wasn’t from me.

Cam and his dog Wrigley (yes; named after the ball park. We're avid Cubs fans πŸ™‚

When Cam was a kid, he was totally convinced that he was going to be the person who would come out of nowhere and lead the Chicago Cubs to the world series. Remember, I’m originally from Chicago so my kids were taught from the cradle to love the Cubs πŸ˜€ Then when my dad moved next door, that lesson was intensified ten fold and oh my, was Cam a good student there!

He didn’t end up with the Cubs, which I’m sure still bugs him at times. He did however finish college and become a personal trainer which he seems to love and is good at. he is getting to enter graduate school soon.

Twenty four years ago I went through 32 hours of labor (he was my longest labor and I’ll never let him forget that) and that labor ended  with Cammy. He’s the second of six but will never be just a face in a crowd. He’s the one with the infectious grin who is forced to tell “The Muffin Joke” every Christmas because no one does it like he does. He’s the one who has little kids climbing all over him to play and is still convinced that the Cubs missed out on greatness when he didn’t get to them. Happy birthday Cameron. I love you.


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15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To My Son Cameron

  1. What a wonderful post about your son! The love shines through, Janet! Don’t stop writing! πŸ™‚ and happy birthday to Cameron! He’s a very handsome young man!

  2. Very sweet post and happy birthday Cameron. Birthdays do have a way of making you think about the past years. Reading this and seeing a picture of him today, really does put all those trials and tribulations with raising a child into perspective. Looks like you and your hubby did a great job raising him!

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