The Epic Soup Fail

Once upon a time, a beautiful, kind, loving, magnificent, day dreaming mother was going to make a wonderful Turkey Noodle Soup for her family. She cooked the stock for hours; it being made from roasted turkey with a lovely brown skin. She added veggies and simmered it until it was just begging for a spoon to be dipped in it. It was grand grand soup. Then, in an attempt to be a better mother, she decided to throw some frozen Spinach in this incredible soup to give it even more nutritional value, all because she wanted her growing children to continue growing so that they could become adults, get wonderful jobs and support her in the style she wasn’t accustomed to into mature happy adulthood. She merrily opened the Spinach, humming all the while and tipped the bag over the pot of gently simmering turkey goodness.  Then, in a fit of suicidal temper, the bag of Spinach fell from her hands straight into the soup pot. All the depressed little green leaves ended their lives in the lovely moms soup pot. She tried and tried to get all of the Spinach out, but it decided to breed before its final death throes and nothing the dear sweet kind mother could do stopped what had been a beautiful soup from becoming a waste land of green goop.

Moral of this story- Forget trying to give your children nutritionally sound meals. Let them eat Cheetos and Twinkies.


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11 thoughts on “The Epic Soup Fail

  1. I love spinach. I would have eaten it ALL. And if, by chance, there were some left over, I would have added milk the next day and had cream of spinach!

  2. I LOVE it, lol!

    Reminds me of a very similiar issue that my ex had a good 14 years ago – he did the same thing only it turned his “hunters stew” BRIGHT green! (I’m thinking there must have been some food dye in that frozen spinach or something!) At that time we were foster parents and the diningroom table seated 7 hungry lil mouths… the looks on those faces when THAT came out of the kitchen – priceless! It was tasty but we just had to get past that bright green color… 🙂

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