Well, Here We Go!

Hey there blogging world. Welcome to the first post of my new blog. Who am I? My name is Janet. I’m a half sane (ok, there are some who would say I’m exaggerating my sanity but we’ll ignore them) wife and mother in Kentucky. I have six kids ranging from 25 down to 2 and a half (I was six when I had my first; honest.) and five grand kids (will you believe me if I say I became a grandmother at oh, sayyyyy, 25? No huh?) and I have started this blog as a way to cook and share what I cook with anyone crazy enough to be interested.

I have been told for years “Janet, you need to go to culinary school and become a chef” or “you need to open a bakery/restaurant/food store” or a number of other things (including many that have nothing to do with a food blog, weren’t very nice and I won’t repeat them 😛 ). I always said no because I didn’t want to work for someone else and make what they said I had to make. What can I say? I’m ornery rebellious that way. I like cooking what appeals to me on any given day or what people ask me (nicely and preferably with a pleading tone) to cook.

So what will you find here in the future? I have to say it will be a little bit of everything. I can and do cook everything from homey country style foods to baked goods of all kinds to foods that are a bit pricier and a little more “high falutin'”. Having six kids (only three left at home but since 2 are teen boys, they eat enough for three times their number) I tend to cook in large amounts (Whadda you mean you don’t need twelve pounds of lasagna?!) but in here, I will try to either make sure the recipes are easily scaled down or are just so darn good you won’t mind eating them for a week or two day or two.


What won’t you find? Liver. You will never find liver in my blog. If I had my way, it would be illegal to sell liver; maybe even to have one in your body though that may be a hard law to get passed.  Ok, beyond not finding liver, you will never find someone who minds your questions. I’ve helped a lot of people learn to cook everything from yeast breads to a lemony herbed roast chicken to cinnamon buns to cookies to a Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter/4th of July dinner to the basics like cooking rice to making crispy bacon to making oatmeal that isn’t the consistency of wallpaper paste with the flavor of a gym sock. You’d be surprised how many people want to cook better but are still scared to take on even the basics. But, you name it; I’ve probably cooked it. Ummm, except for liver. Did I mention that?

Well, now that I’ve hopefully given you a little info about me (I did mention that I hate liver, right?) I’ll let you get on with your lives. I hope to see you back here soon. I don’t bite… I promise.

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39 thoughts on “Well, Here We Go!

  1. It’s about time you started a blog! No liver’s OK (though I like it), but where do you stand on Brussel sprouts?

    • I LOVE Brussel Sprouts. One of my all time fave side dishes is Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta and Shallots (I will be posting that one at some point)

  2. Hey, Janet! Yay! Looking forward to seeing what you’re cooking up next! Congrats and best wishes for a successful blog!

  3. Looks like fun, Jan!

    If you’re ready for suggestions, here are a few:
    The “turn flan into a cupcake” idea still sounds pretty great, and greater the more I think of it;
    How do *you* make white breakfast gravy;
    Best mac and cheese recipe; and
    Your favorite top-to-bottom procedure for a steak on the grill?

    • Thig- the cupcake will definitely be a future blog post. I am looking forward to playing with that idea.

      The other two requests will also go in there sometime or another too. I promise 🙂

      The grill one however… in all honestly, I’ve never been much on steak on the grill. I make a mean one on the stove though… crusty, juicy and medium rare!

  4. This is so cool …. my first blogging session. How to I make it so I can get easy access? You are definitely “one of those” who I want to learn from 🙂

  5. Hi Jan! Your blog sounds like something I will definitely follow. Looking forward to seeing what’s here. Thanks to Gary for the link!

    • Hey Barb. Thanks for the offer to submit to your blogroll. I have done so and will definitely add you to mine also! 🙂

  6. Jan, does anyone actually believe you when you say that you don’t bite?

    Kel started a website for me to plink around with, too. It’s blank at the moment. But, I’ll likely fill it full of shiny, distracting stuff. There’s a reason that Kel named it what she did. That was my response one day when she asked if I’d done something. I forget what.

    Best of luck on the blog! Make sure you get with PayPal and add a donate button so that if one of your box recipients is moved to thrust wads of cash at you, they can do so.


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