My Guest Post With Cravings Of A Lunatic. I Made A Southwestern Ziti Casserole

Hi everyone!! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! or at least one filled with lots of Twinkies and Cheetos.

Southwestern Ziti Casserole

Want to know exactly what this cheesy gooey slice of goodness is and how to make it? Well then, you need to head on over to see my twin Kim at


Cravings Of A Lunatic

I did a guest post for her and all the zaniness and gooey cheese is on her blog. So go take a peek and while you’re there, look at her whole blog… she is totally awesome and so is the food she cooks!

Woohoo!!! I Did A Guest Post…

For one of my favoritest (yes, that too is now a word. Please add it to your dictionary.) people. She is nice, she is funny and she actually tolerates ME. That makes her a saint by any measure.

I made this *points down*

So if you want to know what this is (Ok, I’ll tell… it’s Buffalo Chicken Meatballs Pasta With A Light Bleu Cheese Sauce… but you have to go see her to get the recipe 😛 ) as well as revisit a blogger you probably already know and love OR get to know a blogger you will soon know and love, go over to visit Ann at
Cooking Healthy For Me

. She’s on vacation in England right now *please don’t turn green with envy and yell at my blog…* which is how I was honored to get to guest post for her.

So go check her out, but don’t even think of just looking at this one post. Her whole blog is filled with wonderful recipes and a wonderful personality to match.