Update On Where From Cupcakes To Caviar Is Going (trying again after being hacked)

I’m re-doing this post after a lovely man named Iman (hello, Iman; yes, you’re “the man”. Could you leave the post alone this time, please and thank you? I’d appreciate it and may even make you some cookies 😛 ) hacked it last time and erased the post.

You may have noticed (all 2 of my readers) that I haven’t updated since early December. No, I’m not dead *takes pulse to be sure*. I am moving in a new direction. I WILL (People who want reviews, please read!! Lol) continue to review products, restaurants, etc. I found that I enjoyed doing that more than I had imagined I would. BUT, that said, I will probably only rarely be doing recipes. Only if I’m in the mood and only if it’s something I really want to jot down for posterity and because I think you’d love it.

Why, you ask? (Pretend you asked). Because for almost 6 years, I’ve used my blog as an excuse to NOT continue my “real” writing. I was too busy, needed to cook, photograph, etc etc and my writing beyond cooking posts disappeared.

Well, I’m NOT getting any younger, so I want to get back to my writing and book ideas before I get too old and senile to remember hot to type. In other words, before next month 😀

But, that all said, my facebook page is still going strong. I will continue to post on there, be it silly memes, recipes from other sites that I think sound delicious, or just my inane life updates. I’m also still on Pinterest, still on twitter. And the blog is NOT going anywhere. I have too much of me in here to shut it down.

Again, reviews are still something I’m interested in! FOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!! Restaurants, products. You get the idea.


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